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Dying Empty
*Philippians 1:21- “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain” (NIV)
Written by Terina Hill Through Jesus Christ
October 31, 2011
In Honor of and Inspired by Dr. Myles Munroe

In one moment, God stepped into time. . .
Transforming my heart, renewing my mind;
Destroying ideologies, traditions, and lies;
He made me brand new with His paradigm.
The King and His Kingdom; His culture and Nation
To be established on earth by His redeemed creation;
Empowered to reign through the Blood of His Son
As we obey His Constitution, that HIS will be done!

Stirring up the gift that we be poured out,
As we “hit the mark” without any doubt.
Faithful Ambassadors re-presenting the One
Tri-Une LORD that His Kingdom may come!
He’s given us dominion on earth to reign. . .
To heal the sick, raise the dead, and dispossess in Christ’s name!
Jesus lives in us, as the forest lives in the seed-
Search within and you will find that He is all that you need.
As you step out in faith, become a slave to your gift;
Develop it, nurture it, and “die” daily for it,
And as you work hard, as unto the Lord
Seeking first HIS Kingdom, HE will be your reward!
So make up your mind that THIS is the day
That you passionately pursue purpose, and don’t dare delay,
So that you, too, will hear what God will say about me. . .
“Terina. . . she is now at rest because she died EMPTY!”
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